Shark Cage Diving
with Marine Dynamics
Oct 1, 2008
To entice the sharks to come by, a scent trail of fish oil is put in the water. A piece of fish is hung out, but not fed to the sharks.
And a decoy shaped like a seal floats at the surface.
Our trip to see the Great White sharks began at Kleinbaai Harbour, about 110 miles east of Cape Town. This area has the
distinction of being the closest place to shore where one can see these sharks. Indeed, we were almost on the beach.
This is Jackie suited up
with goggles and wet suit
standing in the shark
cage. When a shark
approaches the cage,
the crew shouts to go
down, and down we went.

Below are some pictures
I took under water and
then some from the
South Africa was the first country to protect its White Shark population.

Between 6 to 15 people a year are killed by sharks. Humans kill 100,000,000 sharks a year. The number of humans dying
from defective toasters is 450 a year. Shark populations are in a constant decline due to man's excessive fishing of these fish.

The operators are involved in numerous conservation projects. They do not feed the sharks and claim that the tours do not
attract sharks to humans. Their efforts bring attention to this important conservation area at the tip of Africa.