Sheep Skins and Volcanoes
Over loaded trucks
carrying sheep skins
were a common
phenomena on the
Right, timber being
hauled the traditional
At a lake with a tourist
Ger camp in the
background. These
volcanic rocks have
been stacked by
Mongolians including
our driver in the belief
that the piling of the
rocks would have a
sacred impact on their
lives and those of their
loved ones.
One of our
destinations was a
volcano. The volcanos
in Mongolia are puny
compared with the
state of Washington,
but we needed the
exercise and climbed
to the top. On our way
we noticed a flock of
sheep. At the top this
woman gave us a
narrative about the
volcano and how the
eruption created the
lake below. She did
this for tips and was
quite knowledgeable.
It turned out that she
was the sheep herder
for the sheep we had
seen on the way up.
On the way back to
camp from the volcano,
our driver stopped. A
young man by the
roadside was selling a
marmot, cooked. It was
out of season, but this
was not an issue to our
driver. That evening we
did accept a bite size
piece of marmot from
the driver and
discovered it was very
tasty. This is a prized
food in Mongolia.
Right, these girls sit outside a volcanic hole where some
boys have gone inside. Below, our driver pokes his
head out of a hole in the volcanic rock.
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