Birds of Krueger and Botswana
The area around Kruger and Botswana in dry season reminded me of Southern California or Texas. But neither Texas or
California is capable of supporting the quantity of wildlife one sees in southern Africa. That is because southern Africa comes
alive in the rainy season in an amazing way. It is particularly amazing since the soil is mostly sand incapable of supporting most

Maybe the most amazing wildlife in southern Africa is the bird life.

Below, the Yellow-billed Hornbill, a common bird in southern Africa (and a pesky food thief at some camps).
Right, a Ground Hornbill.

Below, a Fish Eagle, who just happened to
have caught a fish that was still flipping madly
in its claws.
Left and below, the Kori Buster, the heaviest
flying bird on the planet. An endangered and
rare bird, we were privileged to see quite a
number of these guys, mostly walking around
the landscape, but fly they can.
Above and left, a Kori Buster courting a
female who totally ignores him. We were
privileged to watch these courtships two
days in a row.
Right, a Mouse bird.

Below, Swallow Tail Bee Eater.
Below, left, Swainson's Francolin, right, Pearl Spotted Owl.
Right, Helmeted Guinea fowl.

Below, White-Backed Vulture waiting for lions to finish
their elephant dinner so he could eat the scraps.
Left, Great White Heron.

Below, Goliath Heron.
Below, left, Tawny Eagle. Below, right, African Hawk Eagle.
Right, Darters.