South Florida, December 2016

with Jackie and Elston Hill
In December 2016, we flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our objective was to visit Big Cypress National Preserve which lies
directly east of Fort Lauderdale. We stayed four nights at Everglades City. Next we spent three nights at Sanibel Island where
we visited Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Finally, we stayed two nights in Florida City which is at the entrance to
Everglades National Park.

Below are links to our pictures--mostly birds--which we took on this trip.

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For us, the Big Cypress Reserve was the highlight of the trip. There were miles and miles of roads along waterways chocked full
of birds. Sanibel Island was hit and miss. Very tide dependent. Facing the sun in the afternoon. Come at poor tides, and birds
will be nil. Fortunately we had one good day at Sanibel. The Everglades were a bust for us. Almost no birds because of the
heavy rains this last year--they will arrive eventually. And the mosquitoes were just dreadful.

The Everglades City Motel in Everglades City was quite nice and very quiet. We stayed in Fort Myers for Sanibel. It was a quick
drive across the causeway. For the Everglades, we stayed in Florida City which is as close as you can get without camping. It is
also as close as you can get to the Florida Keys without staying on the Keys.