South Georgia Elephant Seals and King Penguins

November 2012 with Jackie and Elston
The best part of South Georgia for me is the Elephant Seals and King Penguins which coexist on the beaches in very large
A male elephant seal can weight up to 5 tons. These seals are surprisingly benign to humans so it is possible to walk among
them with no fear of attack. One should be careful, however, to not stand between two male elephant seals competing for the
same females..
During breeding season, the beaches are often lined so thick with elephant seals that it is a challenge for King Penguins to
make it up the beach to their colonies.
Note the sand flying in the background. Elephant seals use their flippers to coat themselves with sand as protection against the
Only mature male elephant seals have the big nose.
The white dots in this picture are snow flakes. Beach Master male elephant seals stay with their harem. Wanna Be male
elephant seals lie down on the fringes of the harems hoping to find a vulnerable Beach Master to replace.
Elephant seals use their flippers to scratch themselves, just as humans use their arms and hands to scratch themselves.