Big Love in South Georgia
Male Elephant Seals live about 15 years. Females live about 25 years. The life of a male elephant seal is a big challenge. All of
the large males have bruises from their fights. A Beach Master can not leave to eat. This life style leads to the shorter life span for
the males who are considerably larger than the female elephant seals.
A Beach Master will spend much of his day having his way with his ladies. Usually he puts a flipper over one of his ladies to hold
her in place and he may also bite the back of her neck to make sure she obliges him. Below a bull with one of his ladies and a pup.
In the picture below, note the whale bones on the beach from whaling activities 50 years ago.
Note the bull in the background surrounded by his cows and a black pup and Skua in the left front portion of the picture.
A good cow is worth a bruising fight!
Fighting males is a common sight during breeding season which is spring in the sub Antarctic.
Usually it is the bull who rises the highest who prevails. The shorter bull will often retreat without any new bruises.