South Georgia
If you were to take a giant carving-knife, slice along beneath one of the highest mountain ridges of Switzerland, just
where the huge glaciers tumble into the valley below, and then drop your slice of mountain, dripping with sugar-icing into
the sea, I think you would get a fair idea of the place. For it is long and narrow, and everywhere the snow-covered
mountains rise strait from the water reaching near the centre of the island , to a height of 9,000 feet. Seen from afar on an
early springday, South Georgia is a breath-taking sight and one not easily forgotten.                                 --- Neinl Rankin,
South Georgia is a crescent shaped island, approximately 100 miles long. Even though the island is about the same distance south
as Ushuaia and the Falklands, it is a cold place due to the fact that it lies on the southern side of the Antarctic Convergence. Over
half of the island is permanently under snow and ice. Despite the harsh terrain, it has been called the Serengetti of the southern
seas. The island is home to 30,000,000 pair of breeding birds.
The little dots along the beach are
penguins and seals.
The northern side of South Georgia is the more docile side of the island, so our ship spent four days taking us down the northern
coast where we visited several King Penguin colonies including one colony with 500,000 penguins.
The baby King Penguins have brown feathers. Below, the parents arrive by sea with more food for the babies.
The baby penguins were curious. As I
was taking pictures, I suddenly felt my
hiking stick move. It was a baby chick
who had walked up and bitten my stick.
In the picture (above), Jackie holds out
her walking stick for the curious babies
to nibble.

Below, looking out into a sea of King
There is nothing sillier than a molting King Penguin. In the first two pictures below, baby penguins are molting and will soon be adults
ready to take their first swim in the ocean. in the picture at the right, an adult molting. For two weeks during the molting period the
adult penguin can not go to sea.