South Georgia Seals
On our first stop on South Georgia, we were not able to land. The fur seals were so dense on the beach, that it would have
been hazardous for us to land. On other landings, our expedition leaders cleared a path up the beach using the emergency
oars from the Zodiacs. Jackie and I were happy we had brought along our walking sticks. On four different occasions I had
physical contact with aggressive seals and used my stick to beat them back.

Below, a male seal with his harem. Note the "blond" baby seal as well as the other baby seal.
In the picture to the left, two male fur seals fighting
for territory. Above, a Russian crew member with a
paddle to keep the seals away while we scrambled
up the beach.
Curiously, the seal that was least threatening was the Elephant Seal. An adult Elephant Seal weights between four and five
tons! Below, note the elephant seals at the back and fur seals in the front.
Above, Jackie posing
with several ton male
Elephant seal.

Left. There is nothing
more appealing than
looking into the eyes of
a female elephant seal.
Right, two young male Elephant
Seals practice fighting for when
they grow up and fight for their
Left, an elephant seal.

Below, a male preparing
one of his ladies for the
act of procreation.
Above, the flipper of an elephant seal. Note the
nails and finger-like shape to the flipper