More Auckland Islands
then sailing the rough seas to Macquarie
The next morning we took a Zodiac tour of one of the other islands in the Auckland group. Even in the sheltered
harbor there was evidence that the weather was getting more stormy. When we awoke, there were three fishing
vessels in the harbor with us taking shelter from a major storm. With the shelter of the island, we had a reasonably
good zodiac tour of the bay at Carnley Habor.
Above, Jackie manages a
smile despite not having
eaten her first two days at

By the time we got back to
the ship, the winds were
whipping up and spray
covered our Zodiacs
making it an exciting trip to
the island (right).
Between us and Macquarie was a major storm. We were headed directly into winds which varied between 45 and
50 knots and waves of thirty feet and more. This was a very major storm with an unusual low. We were fortunate that
we were not in the center of the storm which was coming up from the Ross Sea in the Antarctic. The storm was so
severe that several passengers suffered minor injuries which required treatment such as stiches. One of the waves
put a dent in the hull at the bow, and two of the gates on the stern were ripped out from their positions. Our cabin
became a dark cave as the Russian crew sealed our port holes as the waves were strong enough to break out the
Shags or cormorants
I did not bother to show the
next pictures which followed
the pictures above as the
only view from the bridge
was the white foam which
covered the windows.
Below, our ship at the end of the journey in calm waters. Note dents in upper portion of the bow which were made by
a strong wave which hit our ship in the storm.