Tanzania is doing well. It has the second fastest economic growth in Africa. It is a country of
sixty tribes that get along well together. It is 40% Christian and 40% Muslim. Both Christians
and Muslims constantly stated their pride in the tolerance of their country.

In the northern part of Tanzania we saw many Masai. These people are nomadi herders.
Below is a group of Masai warriors doing a dance, the object is to see who can jump the
highest. These are the outfits they all wear.
When the Masai children turn 3 years old, they are trained to herd cattle. From 3 to 7
years old they herd the cattle. When they reach puberty they are sent out into the
wilderness to mature. These children are in training to herd cattle.
This Masai warrior took us into his house. He has five wives. A wife costs about 30
cows and can be purchased on the installment method. Adult males do not work for the
most part. Rather they can be seen sitting along the highway making conversation
while the women and children do the work.
One day we visited a village in Tanzania.
It was fairly upscale compared with much
of what we had seen. These girls were
fascinated by my hair so Jackie asked if
they would like to touch it.
A Tanzania family welcomed us into
their home. It had two rooms. One a
bedroom for the whole family. The
other room was the living room which
had a little furniture as well as a bed
for guests. Note the 2001 calendar on
the wall.