We arrived in Hobart, Tasmania
(left) early December 29. We
arrived in Hobart as the Sydney to
Hobart yatch race was finishing
(below). Hobart was a jumping city
with all kinds of activities along the
water in celebration of the yatch
race. One of the nicest things about
Hobart is that the cities many
historic buildings are so well
Our second day we drove to the Tasman Peninsula. We visited the historic penal institution at Port Arthur, but the most
fascinating part of our day was observing the unique rock formations and beautiful coast.
The most consistent
thing you will note in
all these pictures is
the eucalyptus tree.
Most of the trees in
Tasmania are
eucalyptus and many
of the trees are very
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Helen told us we must visit Cradle Mountain, which we did.  For the first time in six weeks, we encountered rain which
was wonderful as it greatly reduced the number of visitors to the park. The best part of our visit to Cradle Mountain was
not the walk around the lake at the bottom of the mountain, but a four hour hike in the rain through the valley below
through the eucalyptus trees.
We picked up our car at the airport and headed up to Mount
Melbourne (below) where we had a terrific view of the harbor and
Hobart as reflected in the picture we took above. Jackie and I
have never ever encountered the winds we experienced at the
top of Mount Melbourne. It was all we could do to walk to the rail
and I struggled to hold my camera steady. The hotel manager
told us it is common for tourists to open the doors to their cars
and have the doors bend around the car! These were the same
forties winds that gave us our exciting trip back to Hobart.