Eucalyptus and Tasmanian Devil
Something I learned in Tasmania is that the Eucalyptus tree is the largest
flowering plant in the world and the second tallest tree on the planet. They
normally do not live more than four hundred years.
Following our visit to the tall trees on our last day, we stopped to visit a wildlife park to see the animals
that we had not had the good fortune to see on our visit. Tasmanian Devils only come out at night, and
since we have only seen daylight in Tasmania, we did not have the opportunity to see one of these
devils in the wild. These amazing animals have several times the jaw strength of a pit bull. They are
scavengers and eat everything including the bone, feathers, and fur of dead animals.
An animal we did
see in the wild was
the wombat.
However, I did not
previously include
a picture of these
animals as it was
too quick and I did
not think you
would be
impressed with a
butt picture of that
Finally, I will
cheat and
include an animal
that is not found
in Tasmania but
does exist in
Australia, the
koala bear.
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