Olympic Peninsula Paddlers meet
The World condo cruise ship
July 3, 2009
At the request of the kayak club sage, the club Friday outing was changed to Port Angeles Harbor from Lake Angeles.

It is surprising, but every time we do the harbor, we have a unique experience. Today was no exception. The condo cruise
ship, The World, sailed into the harbor as the timely kayakers were setting sale. There were 14 kayakers in all

The ship carries 100 to 300 passengers. The ship stops at virtually any port i of interest in the world and its schedule is set for
the next year and a half. Buy a condo if you have a few million and a couple hundred thousand a year for condo fees (they run
several thousand square feet) or just rent one starting at $1,800 a day and see the world. Condos have kitchens or residents
can eat in one of the three restaurants.
Most of the curtains were still closed. "Understandable",  mumbled David Bushatz.
We were amazed that the sight of Torpedo Man did not provoke the ship to call the Coast Guard.
Disappointed that our presence with Torpedo Man did not provoke a post 9-11 response, we headed back to Paddle Park on
Ediz Hook. Below, the John Deere kayak on its way back to Paddle Park.
As we came close to Paddle Park, an eagle welcomed us from atop a buoy.
Cormorants nesting.
Incidentally, The World just  stopped for supplies. It arrived at 7:00 a.m. and  docked at 7:30 a.m. It was gone before noon.