Tongue Point
June 25, 2009
This is Tongue Point, about a 40 minute drive from our house in Port Angeles in Clallam County. Normally, most of these rocks
are under water, but today was an extremely low tide day, and Tongue Point was exposed. The little dots out towards the end
are people.
Tongue Point is covered almost continuously with mussels and as well as lots of sea weed.
The gulls gather to take
advantage of the
exposed areas.
Many of the sea stars are
huge, easily more than 12
inches in diameter.
Left, an anemone closes
up when the water level
drops leaving it exposed
to the air.
Left, sea urchins in a
tide pool.
Right, a Blood Star in a
tide pool.
Returning to the bluff, we watched the bumblees enjoy the nectar in the wild roses.
Left, a Western Tanager at our house
a few days ago.

The neatest thing about the low tides are the tide pools. Below, a sea star and anemones.