Top Hat

March 19, 2010
Today we drove up the east side of Oahu to the north side of the island to see the big waves. The waves were so big that no
one but expert swimmers and surf boarders were permitted in the water. Adults could go up to ten feet out and children were
banned entirely,
Even though the surf was very rough and dangerous, the waves were not that great for surfing, so we did not see that many
So, we drove along the north side of the island almost to the end of the paved road when we encountered some kite boarders.
We stopped to photograph two of them.
One of the kite boarders was called Top Hat because he always wears a top hat. Even though it was very windy, he had
nothing to hold on the top hat, and it never came off during the whole time we watched. Anyway, I hope you enjoy their fun as
much as we did.