Travels in Antarctica
We have made four trips to Antarctica. Our first trip was to the Ross Sea on the Kapitan Khlebnikov.

We watched a program on the Discovery Channel about this ice breaker. It travels the roughest seas in the world and
rolls spectacularly since it has a round bottom and no stabilizers so as to be able to break through the ice. At first, we
said, "No Way!" But the wildlife is so spectacular that we finally decided we did not care how sick we got. We must go.
Click on this link to see our first trip.
On our first trip, people told us we must see South Georgia. So, the following year, we booked a trip to the Falklands,
South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula.
On our first trip to Antarctica, we were supposed to stop at Macquarie Island and some other islands on our way from
New Zealand and back to Tasmania, but the weather was too stormy for us to make some of those landings. When we
got home, I booked this trip to the Sub Antarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia.
From Auckland, New Zealand we flex to Santiago Chile where we stayed for seven days before flying to the Falklands for
a thirty-seven day trip around the Far Side of Antarctica.