A Zambian Village
October 2008
Seven kilometers from Victoria Falls on the Zambian side, there is a village. The people in the village have been given
a location very close to the Falls to sell the crafts they make in the village.
Below, one of the vendors with an Obama, "Yes We Can" button.
A guided tour to the village had been arranged for Jackie and me, and I am very happy we made the tour.

The first European to come to this village was David Livingstone in 1855. The chief met him under this tree.
The houses were mostly thatched huts.
Until recently, the people of the village walked five kilometers to the Zambezi River to get their water. Some visitors to the
village noted their challenge and built a well with an electric pump. Most of the houses in the village do not have
electricity, but there is electricity at the chief's house.
The building off the ground is used to store grain.
There is electricity at the village barber shop.
I highly recommend this tour to anyone going to Victoria Falls. The contrast between the high end resorts at Victoria
Falls and the modest surroundings of the village is something that should be seen.