The 120 mile leisurely drive from Skagway to Whitehorse was spectacular.
The prior day we had quick views up close of grizzlies
including a mother with cub. However, a few miles outside
of Skagway we had our first good look at a grizzly up close
by the road. Note his teeth in the picture below.
I found Whitehorse much more interesting than Skagway. It is the largest city
in the Yukon. The population of the Yukon is 30,000.
What makes Whitehorse attractive is that it has many historical places and buildings. It is also the capital of the Yukon
and is the active center of the Yukon. It is nestled in a spectacular valley along the Yukon River.

In Whitehorse, we took a tour of the Klondike II which was built in the early thirties to transport silver and other goods up
the Yukon from Dawson. The ship was finally retired in the fifties and is well maintained by the Canadian Parks.
The most interesting part of our visit to Whitehorse was a three hour, eleven mile, paddle down the Yukon. We put our
canoe in at the Whitehorse downtown, but in a few moments we were paddling in wilderness with no sounds other than
the many birds and an occasional airplane heading towards the Whitehorse airport.