Wild Flowers around Ellensburg

April 2016 with Jackie and Elston Hill
The first seven pictures were taken on April 27, 2016 at the Yakima Skyline Ridge trail (which you can Google on the internet).
From this trail, we ventured on to the Wild Horse Wind and Solar facility east of Ellensburg--April 27, 2016.
What we most wanted to see was the endangered Hedgehog Cactus blooming and we were there for the first blooms.
The ground at the wind farm is just covered with flowers.
cushion desert buckwheat
Giant-head Clover
White Lupine
The next morning, April 28, we drove the old road from Ellensburg to Cle Elem. The flowers were incredible. Then we saw this hill
side filled with flowers. It was a new land development with lots for sale and a sign saying it was private and not to enter.
Arrlowleaf Balsomroot and Lupine
These lots have spectacular views of the Yakima River and the canyons.
Going on up the road, we saw more flowers and beautiful canyons.
Back at the Wild Horse Wind Farm on the evening of April 28.  More clover, more cactus, and more of everything.
This morning, April 29, we came back via Yakima and then through Mount Rainier National Park where we took these photos.
Douglas Buckwheat