Mongolian Wildlife
We saw very little wildlife in Mongolia except for birds and rodents. Everywhere we went there were clear vistas but one was usually only steps from the
dung of horses, camels, goats, sheep and yak.

The wild horses of Mongolia, the Tahki, had become extinct in Mongolia. Fortunately, a few survived in zoos and have been used to repopulate  this
species in Mongolia. We were privileged to see a few of these horses as we passed through a national park on our way to the Gobi.
Gobi Lizard
Gobi Mouse
Since I have a little room at the bottom of this page, let me pay tribute to those beautiful flight attendants on Korean Airlines.

Remember the good old days when the flight attendants (stewardesses) on American airplanes were all young, slim, and beautiful. That standard still
exists on the Asian airlines. Flight attendants all look like skinny models under 25 years of age, and the service is terrific, just like in the good old days
on US airplanes.
The terminal (above) at Inchon, Korea, is probably the best and most modern terminal in the