Yellowstone in Winter
with Elston and Jackline Hill
Yellowstone in winter is awesome. The wildlife is much more visible. The geysers are more splendid. And the number of people
is a fraction of summer months. (Almost a million visitors in July, and less than 30,000 in the peak winter month of February.

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At the bottom of this page there will be hints on visiting Yellowstone in winter.
Tips on visiting Yellowstone in Winter.

The best place in Yellowstone for wildlife is the Lamar Valley. In addition, the north side is the only part of the park you can
drive in winter. We took our All Wheel Drive Subaru and Michelin Ice tires and had no problem driving on 1200 miles of ice.
Most of the tours to the Lamar Valley are very superficial half day tours so that most of the time is consumed going and coming
to the valley. Drive if you can. Stay at the Super Eight with continental breakfast for two for less than $50 a night in Gardiner.

The best place to see geysers is to go to Old Faithful Snow Lodge by snow coach. There are miles of trails which you can ski,
snow shoe, or hike as we did. Yellowstone is a skiers paradise. Want to ski one way. No problem, take a snow coach which
drops off skiers in the morning at various trails where you can ski back to the lodge. Attend ranger talks in the evenings.

The most expensive way to see Yellowstone is by snowmobile. Sadly, you must have a guide. Many of the snowmobile trips are
superficial. We went with John and Barbara Gerlach, professional photographers who live in the area. There were incredible.
They did not bring their cameras and were readily available to help in any way. More than once, Barbara grabbed my tripod
and set it up for me. The Gerlachs secure permits to stay out at night, something most other guides do not do so that we got a
lot more done in a day. They have been guiding trips for fifteen years. The participants on this trip were professional and high
end amateurs, but Barbara and John were very patient with us.

If you go in winter, you will not be disappointed.