Wolves, Coyote, and Red Fox
in Yellowstone
When Jackie and I went to the Lamar Valley twelves years ago, there were very few people. With the introduction of wolves,
the Lamar Valley has become much more popular (although still not near as popular as Old Faithful and West Yellowstone).

After our third day, we learned about the wolf man, so we started out from Gardiner each morning at six a.m. to join the Wolf
Man and fellow travelers to view the Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack.

Below, you can see the pack across the Lamar Valley.
Getting close to a wolf is quite a challenge, so when we got to West Yellowstone we went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery
Center where we got some nice pictures of captive wolves.
At meal time (goose) this wolf bared his teeth at another wolf in his pack that dared come close.
Wolves are shy of humans (for a reason, maybe) and hard to get close to. Coyotes were much easier to see in the wild.
Coyotes do not share with each other or with ravens.
Red fox were not hard to see in the Lamar Valley.