Yellowstone in Winter - 2016

with Jackline and Elston Hill
This is a pictorial account of our trip to Yellowstone in January 2016.The pictures appear in consecutive order. We spent our first
week at Gardiner, Montana going into Mammoth Hot Springs and the Lamar Valley by car each day. The Lamar Valley in winter is
one of the top global locations for seeing wildlife. The second week we took a snow coach into Old Faithful where we walked each
day along the paths and boardwalks to the geysers and hot springs.

Below are links to the three pages of photos, or just click on the first link and then the links at the bottom of each page.
Yellowstone in winter is magnificent. A few years ago the average number of visitors to Yellowstone in January was 20,000. In July
it was 1,100,000. Wildlife is much more visible in winter when they are forced down into the valleys by the snow. And something
else, accommodations are much cheaper in winter.