Big Horn Sheep and other Yellowstone Wildlife.
The best place to see Big Horn Sheep is on the north side in Gardiner, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Lamar Valley. All of
these pictures of Big Horn Sheep were taken in the Lamar Valley.
The sheep climb on slopes that are steep for bison. There they dig in the snow as the sheep is doing in the photo below.
We encountered Mule Deer at Mammoth Hot Springs.
Ravens hang around any place where there has been a kill. They are extremely bright and capable of stealing loose items.
Indeed they are quite capable of opening packed items.
Magpies were quite numerous.
Jackie and I did a lot of walking in Yellowstone often using ski paths to get where we wanted to go. Here Jackie talks with two
moms from Colorado who found Yellowstone a nice relief from taking care of the children.
Trumpeter Swans were common on the rivers in Yellowstone which continue to flow in winter because of the geysers and hot
The snow in West Yellowstone is substantial and many businesses close for the winter.
Temperatures got down to the minus forties. Several mornings we left on snowmobiles in minus twenty temperatures.

My breath quickly froze to my mustache, beard, and hair.