Geysers and other Hot Stuff
Winter is the best time to see geysers and hot pools because the cold makes the hot steam stand out more.
Old Faithful is the most famous geyser.
Castle Geyser (below) erupts about twice a day so we were very fortunate to see it within a few minutes after we arrived at Old
Faithful Snow Lodge.
If you look closely, you will even see a rainbow in this next picture of Castle Geyser.
Morning Glory hot pool.
One of many geysers in the basin near the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.
Mud Pots
Below, locals from the Gardiner area bathing where hot springs flow into the Gardner River. (Curiously, the town and the river
are not spelled the same.)
All of the following pictures were taken near geysers. The ice was created by the steam being frozen to the vegetation.
And here the snow melted on the hot ground but not on the rocks which remained cool.