Yellowstone Summer 2011
Mid-summer is not the best time to visit Yellowstone. It can get a little warm. Much of the wildlife wanders off to the high
country. Crowds are bigger. But since we were going horse back riding in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, we came anyway. We
spent two days in the Lamar Valley, two days at Canyon and the Hayden Valley, and two days in Jackson Hole and the Tetons.
Below are some pictures from this part of the trip.
Ground Squirrel
Female Elk
Four members of a six member wolf pack in the Lamar Valley. The Alpha female was on the opposite side of us. The four
wolves howled to her and she howled back to them.
Bison crossing the Lamar River.
Grizzly walking along river and swimming across river.
Canada Geese flying in the early morning fog in the Hayden Valley.
A dust bath is so wonderful!
Elston taking pictures of bison (the ones in the following photo).
Moose in Jackson Hole.
Grand Tetons.
White Pelican on the Snake River in Jackson Hole.
Black bear cub in tree.
Spring bok (antelope).