Exotic Zanzibar
Zanzibar was fun. This island was once the bustling center of trade for east Africa--spices
and slaves. Most of the buildings in Stone Town are at least 130 years old. We saw the
remains of the sultans palace where he kept his 99 concubines. We toured a spice farm.
Probably the most exciting part of the Zanzibar trip was a visit to the endangered red
columbus monkies. These monkies were fast on the way to extincition until the authorities
learned a lesson used elsewhere in Africa. Fees to enter the park are shared with the local
villagers so that they have a vested interest in maintaining these wonderful creatures.
The view from our hotel room of the Indian Ocean was fabulous.
From our breakfast table on the water we watched the fishermen paddle out and raise their sales to set sail for the
day's catch. These boats are totally hand crafted with no modern tools such as power equipment.
We had a wonderful time visiting a spice farm. We could not believe that such a small farm could grow so many spices.
The man on the right was our guide--most of Zanzibar is muslim. The 12 year old boy on the left was our cocunut boy.
As we moved along, he made a container from banana leaves for Jackie to hold her spices. He made her a necklace
and glasses and eventually climbed a cocunut tree to fetch us two cocunuts so we could drink cocunut milk.
Another young man made a tie and hat for me.
Most of the streets in Stone Town are much to narrow for cars. Numerous buildings such as the one on the right were
built by the sultan over 130 years ago.