Zimbabwe 2015 continued
Victoria Falls in the afternoon. The falls were running much higher than on our last visit. The peak is usually in April and May,
about two months after the end of the rainy season at the headwaters of the Zambezi River.
Later that evening we returned to take the next two photos by the light of a full moon.
Full Moon Rainbow
The next morning at sunrise.
Male elephants on the shore of Lake Kariba. We were the only guests at Changa Safari Camp and were given the royal treatment
by all the staff at the camp.
Baboon settles down for the night.
Two cheetah brothers with their just killed Impala. In a matter of minutes they finished off more than half the carcass. They then
abandoned the carcass and within minutes the birds had stripped the carcass down to the bones.
Secretary Bird
Our last night in Zimbabwe.
From the dining area, Jackie observes a camp visitor.
Impala Harem  -- note the male on far right.

MacDonald's acquired the right to put its logo on the rear of all impala in Africa.
Buffalo herd
Pied King Fisher
Green Crowded Heron
Saddle billed Stork
Helmet Crested Guinea Foul
Red billed Hornbill
Blackwing Stilt
Tawny Eagle
Lillac Brested Roller
Giant Egret
Yellow Billed Stork
Groundhorn Bill
Malachite Kingfisher