Eclipse 2017

with Jackie and Elston Hill

August 21, Ontario, Oregon
This was our final photo of the eclipse as the Diamond appeared.
We made reservations a year in advance. The only motel we could find in the path of the full eclipse was the Motel 6 in Ontario, Oregon. It was
a good choice. There was a field next to the motel. It was not crowded at all.

We had planned to go north to Weiser, ID, about 20 miles north for an additional 30 seconds of full eclipse, but were intimidated by the
predicted crowds and so chose to stay at the motel,

An astronomy club from the Bay Area in California was in a parking lot across from us. One man was seeing his 27th eclipse.
No more than a dozen people sat and stood in the field with us watching the eclipse.
The eclipse began with the moon taking a small bit out of the sun. Note the sun spots.
A balloon way up in the sky was making observation.  Very high in the sky.
The moon kept taking bigger bites.
This was Jackie just moments before full
eclipse looking through solar binoculars
at the sun. The camera adjusted for the
light, but it was actually very dim at this

And then we had full eclipse with the
corona visible.  The corona is actually
hotter than the sun itself and is only
visible to astronomers during a full
eclipse.  The pictures also show flares
of sun.  
It was a long slow drive home. But it was more than worth it. This was the first US eclipse since 1979. Another eclipse will cross the eastern US
in 2024.