Hippos and Crocs and Buffalo
When the gorilla charged me, I was unphased. But  when a hippo surfaced ten feet from the boat and then charged the
boat, I reacted instinctively by jumping away from the hippo and almost into the lap of the guide. Hippos kill more people
in Africa than any other animal. They are big.
In Selous park, there were more than 40,000 hippos, hundreds of them in the river below our camp site. All day
and all night we heard them grunting and groaning. On our third night, two males fought over the ladies. The
next morning we took the boat out to view the losing male become breakfast for the alligators.
We fortunate enough to see a mother rhino and her babe. Poaching of these animals has made them a very
rare species.
We saw many buffalo, even hiking by a group of them with an armed ranger.