Humpback Whales
When we booked the trip, it was our understanding that this was not the season for whales. Much to our delight, we did have
quite a number of whale sightings on the trip including Fin Whales, the second largest species of whale. However, I was
dissatisfied with the quality of pictures and did not expect to include any whale photos. Then, as we were winding our way
up the Drake Passage to Ushuaia, I heard the captain announce that there were six humpback whales ahead. I climbed one
flight of stairs and walked out on the deck. The captain turned the ship and then brought it to a complete standstill. For
twenty minutes we watched the humpbacks, frequently as close as fifty feet away. Their blowing was loud. It was an
awesome experience. Look carefully and you will see the whales both at the surface and under the water.