Lions in Botswana
We had several very good lion encounters.

At Deception Valley, we encountered a pride of five lions who had just completed feeding on their kill as you can see by
looking at their faces. Lions drinking is a very noisy affair.
That night at dusk we encountered the pride once again at the water hole, this time with cleaner faces and a flat tire on
our vehicle. After the pride finished drinking and wandered off, our guide got out and changed the tire.
At Camp Moremi, we encountered a pride of 13 lions. It would have been boring watching them sleep in the shade.
Fortunately, the shade began to move, and one by one the lions got up to find a new location.
The most interesting lion experience was at Savute Lodge where the lions had killed an elephant just five meters from
the swimming pool. The manager towed the elephant out a little further since the nearest shade to the lion was in the
camp. Still, with the elephant so close, the lions came into the camp regularly, mostly in the evenings. One night when
we got back we were rushed into the dining room and were not permitted to go to our room for a shower for some 45
minutes and we had similar incidents for the rest of our stay at the camp as the lions were making themselves at home in
the camp including drinking out of the swimming pool.