Heading North
As we headed
north out of the
Gobi on our
seventh day on
the road, the
country became

Left, a young
boy herds goats.
Needing supplies, we stop in a small town at the "black market". The
name is derived from the Soviet controlled years.
Above, a Soviet vehicle.

Left, selling mare's milk.
There are no fences in the countryside
in Mongolia. However, in the villages
and small towns, there is a fence
around the houses and Gers. Streets
are often dusty. With no yards and
only fences lining the street, the view
from the street is rather unexciting as
illustrated in the picture below taken in
a northern Mongolian city.
As we moved out of the Gobi, the camels disappeared and the Yaks appeared. Above right, herding yaks. Below, right, Yaks.