OPP Wet Exit Practice
Lake Crescent
May 30, 2009
Approximately 21 paddlers showed up. Some to practice their wet exits. Others to show off their elaborate rolls. And a few
wimps came just to observe.
A plane buzzed the group, just to add some distractions.

Some people showed off fancy ways to re-enter.
Cecil showed off his super buoyant dry suit.
The Red Barron was a new addition to the group.
One paddler pleaded with her partner than she wanted to quit, but he had a heart of steel and made her continue.
Others were joyous.
"Let me go back in so I can do this again!"
Jim made rolling look so easy.
Rene lost his kayak and was still swimming around Lake Crescent looking for it when we left.
The event ended with people the paddlers changing into
their street clothes and doing what the club does best,
participating in a potluck.
Eventually the frightened paddler knocked our her hard headed partner leaving him to be rescued by the Red Barron.