Spring Flowers

Saddle Mountain, Oregon

With Jackie and Elston Hill

June 16, 2012
Saddle Mountain is about forty minutes from Canon Beach, Oregon.
This trail is 5.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1600 feet to an elevation of 3300 feet over a rather rugged trail. On a
sunny day, there are views to the ocean as well as Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helen, and Mount Hood. Fortunately for
photographing flowers, the hike began with drizzle which did not last long and stayed mostly cloudy.
This trip was led by Linda Moore of the Mountaineers Photography group. Linda is an expert on photo locations in the northwest
including Western Canada. She led our trip to Mt. Assiniboine and Lake O'Hara in 2010.  
Assiniboine Trip
Below are a few of the flowers we saw on our hike.  We have tried to include names where we know the name of a flower. Any
incorrectly identified flowers are Jackie's fault.

Western Wallflower
Wild Iris
Large Mountain Monkey Flower
Shooting Star
Most of the trail is in the woods. Very green. This is rain forest. The Oregon Coast gets lots of rain.
Hooker's Fairy Bell or Oregon Fairy Bells
There were an amazing amount of Iris, both under the trees and in the open.
Spreading Phlox
Chocolate Lilly
Gray's Lovage
Henderson's Checker Mallow
Close up of above flower.
Fringe Cup
Monkey Flower Bud
On the trail
When we woke up this morning, June 17, it was drizzly and windy. We decided to take a slow drive home. Stops included Cape
Disappointment, the most southwestern point in Washington, located at the mouth of the Columbia River. Cape Disappointment
receives about 2552 hours of fog a year – the equivalent of 106 days – making it one of the foggiest places in the US.
Siberian Spring Beauty